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The Nardvark is the result of an ill-fated fling between a narwhal and an aardvark.  He had a difficult childhood and as a result is not the sharpest tool in the shed / shiniest apple in the fruit bowl / chocolatiest cookie in the tin.  

But luckily for Nardvark, he has an intelligent, sophisticated, witty alter-ego, the NERDVARK, who exists only in Nard's mirror.  When Nard has trouble with his homework or fell asleep in class that day and doesn't know anything, he goes to the Nerdvark for help.  

Since the Nerdvark is stuck in the mirror and relies on  Nard for sustenance such as food and new stationery for his collection, he has no choice but to help Nard out with whatever banal thing he asks.
The Nardvark (left) consults his imaginary alter-ego, the Nerdvark (right)

Oh, and that above blurb was written by the Nerdvark.  If Nard wasn't so lazy he would have written something a lot more flattering about himself, but right now he's busy selecting condiments for his ketchup, peanut-butter and banana chip sandwich.

What is Nardvark doing right now? Playing Spot the Kitty! Click to download it from Google Play.

The truth of the matter is, your author and true hero of The Nardvark is K. I. Borrowman, an international teacher with an intimate knowledge of many curricula including IB, AS, IGCSE, and others, and a deep understanding of the needs of English students worldwide.  

If you are a student and studying English, then you have come to the right place for those little tidbits of information that your teachers may not have told you.  Or, maybe they did tell you but, like the Nardvark, you fell asleep during that lesson.  Oh well.  Here it is.  Everything the student of English needs to know to write well, read well, and ace exams!
Your author, teacher and writer KI Borrowman, fighting bad grammar, comma splices, and Chinglish in disguise as Superchicken!

There are some example texts hidden within these pages.  Because I am a teacher, I am against the practice of finding someone else's work and turning it in as your own, a practice called "plagiarism" which is basically stealing and will not only get you kicked out of university and blacklisted from ever attending university again, but also is not a good way to learn, which ultimately is what you are in school for.  

So to discourage plagiarizing from my site, I have purposefully written about very silly topics.  Please use my posts to learn skills that you can apply to your own reading and writing, and then go ahead and earn high grades through your hard work!

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