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I'm an English teacher with eighteen years of experience in classrooms around the world. I know the IB English Literature / Language and Literature, AS English Language and Literature, IGCSE English Language, Literature, and EAL, and American and Canadian high-school English curricula.

The Nardvark is always looking for new questions to answer on this website. If you have searched and can't find the answer you're looking for, please email the Nardvark. If the Nardvark thinks your question is worthy, it might be answered in an upcoming blog post! Remember, there are no dumb questions. Just dumb students who don't pay attention in class and then panic at the last minute and try to learn a year or two's worth of English skills in the annals of the internet!


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Proofreading / Editing Services

Awesome news! The Nardvark now offers proofreading / editing of your school work WITH PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK for a reasonable fee. Email for more details.


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