Take a Break

Studying's not always the funnest thing. Nardvark will attest to that. While his obedient alter-ego Nerdvark is working on Nardvark's last-minute study guide, follow Nardvark to the distractions below. It'll only take a couple of minutes; promise!!!

1. Play a fun game of kitty-spotting with Spot the Kitty. You can download it to your Android device for free here. Now available for Apple, here. Nardvark-endorsed frivolity.

2. Did you always wish you were a robot so you could eat a homework assignment and poop out the completed work? That's what Nardvark wishes for every night before he goes to sleep. Now you can be a robot, by wearing the Robot Shoes app.

Ben was already an explorer at four weeks old. She was the first one to open her eyes and the first one to drink water from a dish.

4. Our other website: www.spotthekitty.com. Ok, you could probably spend hours here reading all the kitty blogs and looking at the cute pictures of kitties. I know I do. But enough is enough already! Get back to studying!

5. Once upon a time there was the Atari. Bring back your classic videogaming skills with Pac Man, Qbert and, taking it all the way back; maybe even Pong !

6. Vicariously play with an adorable kitten!

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