Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay

We can use the Five-Paragraph Essay structure to write an essay about pretty much anything. 
Here, witness the illustrious Nardvark write an essay about one of his favourite topics, food.
Nardvark truly believes that pizza and banana go very well together. So his five-paragraph essay thesis is: "banana goes very well on pizza."

Like all good writers, Nardvark begins with an outline, or plan:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
                Hook Do you think that just because Pizza Hut doesn't have "banana" on their menu, that means it doesn't belong on pizza? What are you, a robot?
                Thesis: Banana goes very well on pizza; it is sweet, mushy, and unusual.
Paragraph 2 Body
                Point 1 sweet
                Example/evidence pineapple; ripe,  - yellow, not green or brown
                Explanation provides nice contrast to tart tomato sauce and cheesy cheese
                Link in addition, (for more linking words, look here and here)
Paragraph 3 Body
                Point 2 mushy
                Example/evidence easy to smush
                Explanation won't fall off pizza slice
                Link above all
Paragraph 4 Body
               Point 3 unusual
                Example/evidence just because it isn't on the menu doesn't mean it isn't good
                Explanation do something different for a change; break out of the mold; be unique
                Link don't be a robot
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
                haven't tried banana on pizza, go ahead.
                can't say it isn't delicious until tried.

Now Nardvark writes his essay in formal language, impersonal style. After going back to revise and edit, he will publish his excellent work here for you to read and enjoy.

Banana goes Well on Pizza
by Nardvark

Do you think that just because Pizza Hut doesn't have "banana" on their menu, that means it doesn't belong on pizza? What are you, a robot?  Banana goes very well on pizza; it is sweet, mushy, and unusual.

Like pineapple, which is often found on Hawaiian pizza, banana is a sweet, delicious pizza topping.  Ripe bananas are best for pizza, but not too ripe - it is best to use bananas when they are yellow, not green, as they are not sweet enough, and not brown, as they are overripe and thus too sweet.  The perfect sweetness of banana creates a pleasing contrast to the tart, zingy taste of tomato sauce and the mild cheesy cheese.  In addition to being sweet, bananas are also good on pizza because of their consistency.

Bananas are mushy, so unlike many pizza toppings, they do not fall off.  Large pieces of pineapple or capsicum slithering off your pizza slice and leaving a greasy stain on your lap can be a terrible irritation and ruin your pizza-eating experience.  This is not a problem with bananas, as the banana can be mushed on the pizza slice, where it stays put until the slice has been completely devoured.   Therefore, banana is a good, solid, topping, but above all, it is unusual.

Everybody seems to want to follow trends and be in fashion, but in today's fast-paced, quickly changing world, it is important to be able to start trends and begin new fashions.  Try doing something unusual, like putting banana on your pizza.  Just because it is not on the menu, does not mean it does not taste good.  One does not know until one tries.  However, by following what is prescribed by menus and fashions, one does not have the opportunity to break out of the mold, come up with new ideas, begin new trends.  Be the one to start something new; eat a slice of pizza with banana mushed on top.  Do not be a robot.

In conclusion, those who have not tried banana on pizza for the simple reason that it has never appeared on a pizza chain menu are missing out on a truly special pizza experience.  Banana is a unique pizza topping, sweet-tasting and it does not slip off.  It is impossible to say whether or not it is delicious without tasting it, so go give it a try.


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  2. Thanks, Martin! I'm a teacher, so most of my posts are inspired by what goes on in my lessons. My brilliant daughter does the artwork. I'm glad you enjoyed reading Nardvark's banana pizza essay.

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