Saturday, February 20, 2016

Understanding IB Language A Part 2: Detailed Study

Part 2: Detailed Study requires you to study 2 (SL) or 3 (HL) works from different genres. 

Everyone's favourite nonsense artsy-fartsy crap movie, The Room

While movie-goers consider comedy, drama, action, and nonsense artsy-fartsy crap to be examples of genre, the IB board defines literary genre in its broadest sense: prose - novel and short story, prose - other than fiction, drama, and poetry, and if you're in HL one of the works you study in this part of the course has to be poetry. 
Your work in Part 2 will be assessed by an Individual Oral Commentary.

The oral commentary goes like this:

1. Your teacher prepares a bunch of extracts from the works you've studied, which include guiding questions to help you talk about the extract.

2. You should get an opportunity to practice the oral commentary in class, using practice extracts. These are not the extracts you will have in the real commentary.

3. In the commentary, you randomly choose an extract and have 20 minutes to prepare your commentary.

4. You have ten minutes to talk to your teacher. You should aim to talk for at least seven or eight minutes, and your teacher will ask you some questions to finish up the commentary. Your teacher must record the commentary.

5. You only get one chance. Your school will schedule the oral commentaries and give you a place to prepare. If you don't do your commentary as scheduled, you fail, so make sure you know the schedule and be in the right place at the right time!

6. Your teacher will grade your oral commentary according to the IB marking guide. The recordings are kept on file and eventually, the IB board will ask for commentaries from a sampling of your class. The IB board decides whose commentaries they want; your school doesn't get to choose.

7. The IB board moderates your teachers' marks. To do this, IB examiners listen to the sample recordings and mark them according to the same marking guide without looking at your teacher's marks. After marking all the samples, the IB examiners compare your teachers' marks to their marks. If their marks are higher or lower, they scale all your marks for your whole class accordingly.

Join us next time for "How to Kick Butt in IB Language A Part 2: Detailed Study" followed by "How to Kick Butt in IB Language A Oral Commentary!"

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