Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Level-7 Essay from IB Language A Paper 1 (standard level)

Here it is, as promised, and finally!  Nardvark promised you, if you read all Nerdvark's ranting about how to succeed in Paper 1 here (the complete and utter destruction of a poem), here (all about Criterion A), here (stuff about Criterion B), here (musings on Criterion C), and here (a bit of stuff about Criterion D), he would smuggle out a level-7 paper 1 response, and here it is: written by a real student, marked by a real IB examiner, and lifted directly from the examiner's marking guide, for your reading pleasure.  After all this, you can see the examiner's marks in the four criteria, and some of the examiner's comments.

The introduction
It rambles a bit, but it give the writer's main impressions of the poem: that it uses irony and humour to satirize tourism.
body paragraph 1
body paragraph 2
body paragraph 2, continued on top of next page
body paragraph 3
In these three paragraphs, the writer points out some of the ways Mitchell makes the poem humourous and therefore satirical, with carefully chosen and explained reference to the text (the poem, I Am Tourist by Adrian Mitchell, as seen on the May 2013 TZ1 Paper One exam.)
body paragraph 4

body paragraph 4, continued on next page
Here, the writer is providing a very good explanation for her assertion that it is a humourous, ironic poem, and uses some of the vocabulary of literature.

There's a bit more, but you'll have to go to the next post, or what I like to call "Part Two", to read it, as this one is getting a bit chewy.

Thanks for reading! If it's time for a study break, click here.

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