Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Level-7 Essay from IB Language A Paper 1 (standard level) PART TWO

Now we're on to the second half of the level-7 IB Language A English Paper 1 essay started here.
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body paragraph 5

body paragraph 6
body paragraph 6, continued
Sticking to her main idea, staying focused, here the writer discusses further the aspects of the poem that make it humourous and ironic, still using more of her literary vocabulary with words such as "rule of three" and "contrast."
In an excellent conclusion, the writer restates her main idea, summarizes some of her analysis, and ties it to her readers' life to make her writing personal and thought-provoking.

Let's take a look at her marks:
Examiner's marks - this paper got a 19/20.  If this student's
 score on Paper 2 is as good, she will definitely get level 7.

Examiner's comments
As you can see, even though the student did not even completely appreciate the voice of the poem (satirical), she still scored very high on all four criteria, earning her a fantastic score on her exam paper 1.  Stick with the Nardvark, and you, too, will be able to do the same!
"I Am Tourist" - Nardvark explores foreign places with his camera at his side.

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