Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Diversions: The Nardvark Explores English at its Worst

Getting less than desirable marks in English? Wish you could just pull off that 7/A*/90% like the nerdy kid in the front row? Whenever Nardvark feels this way, he just remembers: some people are even worse at English than he is. 

With that hopeful thought in mind, The Nardvark brings you... CHINGLISH! Badly worded signs found around China, painstakingly composed by Chinese sign-makers who got low marks in high-school English, for your reading pleasure! Enjoy...

Not sure if the author of these words lives in Big Ben or in British -- found on a notebook in Beijing

Play Spot the Kitty on Android for free! 

This is more amusing if you read it aloud. And have a dirty mind. Beijing Subway System.

All one word! Found by Josh Zhang in Inner Mongolia

Be kind to your technological devices! Found by Josh Zhang in Inner Mongolia.

How to use sticky notes purchased in Beijing

Whose what? Also a subway stop in Beijing.

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