Monday, July 20, 2015

Diversions: Nardvark Explores Chinglish Again!

Spelling is hard. Don't even try to spell 'definitely'; you'll hurt yourself. Check here for details. 

Grammar is even harder. If you read this blog a lot, your grammar is probably improving, but not everybody has time to spend hanging out with the Nardvark.

Don't even get me started on punctuation.

So imagine how hard translating is. Spelling, plus grammar, plus punctuation, in a foreign language? It's a difficult job, but if someone sucks at it, that's ok because of the lols. So without further ado, Nardvark brings you:


Oh Steps, So Precipitous! Found in Tai Shan Mountain in China
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You gotta prevent those firs in the forest! Also Tai Shan Mountain.

Because what good are bands without the minus ion? Packet from shop in Beijing

Penetrating WHAT?! Tai Shan Mountain, China

A picture is worth a thousand translations. Tai Shan Mountain.

Tell me more about what the cookies are combined with! Cookie packet, Beijing

All about toileting in Beijing...

The best thing about it is that these people go to university to learn how to do this. Or... maybe those handy online translators are eliminating the need for education...

Read more ridiculous attempts at English here. If you have any examples of Chinglish, or other crap use of English, send it to for our next installment of "Diversions." 

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