Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Kick IB Language A: Literature Part 1: Written Assignment's Butt -- Step 1

Back to school, and if your IB English teacher is following the order of the four parts of the Literature course, you'll be starting your Part 1: Works in Translation (formerly called "World Literature.")

Interactive Oral in IB Language A: Literature

There are four steps to this part of the course. Today we'll look at Step 1: the Interactive Oral. Although that sounds like something you shouldn't be doing in school, it is actually a very valuable step for you in developing your Written Assignment and getting a seven.

Step 1: Interactive Oral
  • Prepare for the Interactive Oral:
    • Make notes while reading. Questions that come to mind while reading? Answers if you come across them? Compare different translations of the same work.
    • Compare the work to other sources of the material, e.g. film or graphic novel version, film, text, or video addressing cultural, philosophical, or political context, encyclopedic or biographical information about the author and his/her time and place.
    • The point of the Written Assignment is to show that you have considered "culture" and "context" while reading your Works in Translation. So do that.
  • Take notes during the Interactive Oral. You will need to refer to them while writing your Reflective Statement.
  • Ask classmates to elaborate on their comments and/or question your classmates’ ideas if necessary. This is an opportunity to share ideas with others, not merely to show off. Make sure you milk your classmates for as many thoughts/insights/ideas as they're worth. 
Join us next time for Step 2: The Reflective Statement. Until then, happy reading!

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