Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to School with Bad English

You had a fantastic summer and were totally not ready to go back to class. But let's hope you haven't forgotten what you are studying English for. It's so you can save the future world from mistakes like these.

Nardvark would like to celebrate the return to napping through class by sharing a few more messes of the English language. So without further ado, here's more Chinglish!

Exactly what is the taste fashion? I don't know, but it needs cool enjoying! Found on a bag of dried peas, Beijing, China

I actually don't see any grass, so please don't delightful after all. Beijing, China
These next three are signs on the front of a new building being erected in a suburb of Beijing. It makes me excited about shopping. 

"Meet you at Starbues!" "Um, nope."

There's penetrate again. I don't want my teeth penetrated by wire brush, thank you! Why did I even buy this toothbrush? Toothbrush package, Beijing, China
And there you have it. Some examples of the worst English I've seen this summer. Please, English students of the world, study hard! Our future depends on you!

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